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The Eclipse automotive detailing service includes an intense exterior cleaning process that will remove all loose dirt and contaminates from the surface of your vehicle. We then proceed with a chemical and mechanical decontamination process to remove bonded surface contaminants that make your paint feel rough and gritty. Once clean, the paint is then carefully polished and sealed using a finishing glaze product that will help to enhance gloss while leaving behind a layer of protection. Your wheels are also cleaned and sealed. Tires are meticulously cleaned and dressed. We even hand polish your exhaust tips for a completely detailed finish.
Why should I get my car detailed?
Having your car regularly detailed helps to preserve the paint condition. The proper maintenance of your vehicle’s paint can be achieved from simple washes every 2 weeks, monthly waxing, and/or yearly polishing. Regular paint preservation and detailing keeps flaws, such as swirl marks, from making the paint faded and contaminated. This neglect often results in clearcoat failure and could require a visit to the body shop, which further depreciates the car’s value. Our Gallery shows vehicles that were either improperly detailed or neglected before coming to Eclipse, and the difference in the before and after photos is clear. You will save yourself the cost and inconvenience of re-painting by having your vehicle properly detailed and maintained.
What are swirl marks?
Swirl marks are spider-web scratches on the paint surface. They are usually caused by incorrect maintenance methods such as washing, drying, and waxing. Some people use the term “swirl marks” when describing buffer holograms. Buffer holograms are trails left behind after the improper use of a polishing machine. A proper paint correction can fix or improve both swirl marks and buffer holograms.
What is the difference between swirl marks and scratches?
Scratches are unintentional flaws, such as dragging a key across a surface, which can happen during regular use of a vehicle. As previously mentioned, swirl marks are the result of improper maintenance techniques, and are much simpler to fix than deeper scratches.  
Protect your children from UV Rays
Window film will protect your children from UV rays and uncomfortable heat and glare from the sun. A much better option than the common sunshades, which actually provide very little in terms of UV protection and heat reduction.